The Baby-ik Diaries

Owned by Alyssa Panghulan (former Alyssanity) and co-owned by Kim Ochea, this blog was created for stories of love and adventures. To document our happy moments together as well as mishaps, all for keepsake.

Alyssa is more of the dreamer, and is always in love with the idea of adventures in a more tranquil set up. Always on the look for new places to explore and for more food places to pig out. :D

Kim, on the other hand, sides more with extreme adventures. Contrasting to Alyssa’s ideas, he wants to venture more into extreme activities such as jumping off high cliffs, and deep diving. He mostly agrees to Alyssa's food place suggestions being the fat butt baby-ik that he is.

Together they make memories to satisfy their inner wanderlust. The goal is to explore the entirety of Cebu (first) and the rest of the Philippines will follow. They dream to have everything in 'The Baby-ik Bucketlist' checked before turning 30.

I hope you’ll stick around to more of the baby-ik adventures! :)


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