Photo Diary: Naksiter Korean Samgyupsal

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Keeping this short and simple.

I'm not generally a fan of korean cuisine. First time I ever had Korean food was when my workmates brought me to Chosun Chicken. Never knew why they raved for it that much, but after trying it out, I must say, it was, by far, one of the best tasting fried chicken I have ever had. Still couldn't beat Jollibee's fried chicken though, but still it was that tasty! 

One day, I found myself craving for Korean Samgyupsal, and that red hot tofu soup (I never knew what they call 'em). I specifically wanted to go to Pearl Meatshop and Restaurant because it's lowkey the only korean restaurant I know of and have been to after Chosun Chicken. 

But then, I remembered a former workmate who once raved about a Korean Food Place just near our place. It was so random, we just went for it to satisfy my cravings. We even almost got lost on the way, good thing my "Hangeul" (korean alphabet) skills still work a bit. 😉

The place wasn't how I was expecting it. Not like most korean Shabu-shabu places. Loved the lake, and the little center islet. I felt closer to nature, especially that they had little monkeys, parrots, and an frickin' Iguana!

Anyway, the food was so-so. Though we both loved how many side dishes they offer. And the samgyupsal was unlimited! Would definitely go back with the little bro next time.

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