Happy 730 Days of Love, Baby-ik!

Friday, November 9, 2018

I swear I had photos of how the baby-ik and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last October 17th... just that I had forgotten to save copies on my computer before I restored a previous back-up of my phone -- all recent files have been deleted. Careless me, I know! 

But just to make up for it, I wanted to show you guys this montage I made for the years I have been with the baby-ik. Most clips were from our travels. Looking back made us feel so nostalgic... and yes, the usual emotional Alyssa cried, and so did the baby-ik. I bought us a small can of dream cake. We munched on it while we watched this montage together. 

He, on the other hand, had apparently prepared a surprise as well. He told me he'd fallen asleep the night before when he was in fact awake pasting photos of our moments on a wall in our room. He also bought us a chocolate cake. 

We almost always think alike, especially on this ocassion, only I did mine as a montage... it had been a simple and memorable anniversary for us.

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