Sea La Vie: Camotes Island Vibe - Day 2

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wow! It actually took me two months before I could finally publish our second and last day in Camotes Island. All these happened last March though I only got to blog about the first part last June. Shame on me! Haha

We slept rather early the night before so we'd have enough time to rest and jump off our beds earlier than everyone else. Initially planned to chase the sunrise, but the weather wasn’t really being cooperative. It decided to be all gloomy, but that did not ruin the entire day waiting ahead of us.

It was the baby-ik and I who woke up first. Decided to stroll around the place while everyone’s still sound asleep, including the little bro. After about an hour, we decided to head back to the room to wake my brother up so we could start our last day in the island.

Started off by having breakfast in Pito’s Sutukil. Happened to bump into my childhood friend there who was out on a company outing with his workmates. (Shoutout to Asreele and his girlfriend Abby!) He was kind enough to lend me his charger so we could have the GoPro’s battery charged. (Yep, we left the charger. Face palm) Haha!

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see the huge waves?

First stop was Mangodlong Rock Resort. It’s still under Santiago Bay Resort’s management so we didn’t have to pay for any entrance fees and whatnots. But waves were really huge, thus we couldn’t really enjoy the waters. So we just roamed around the place and took some photos and video clips (see video below). Too bad we didn’t get to enjoy the resort much but better safe than sorry.

Here's my weird crazy self, making a make-shift surfboard out of baby-ik, and apparently enjoying it! HAHAHA!

We headed back to Santiago Bay and to the infinity pool we went once more. I figured it’s better here so we could savour and enjoy the morning view here in Santiago Bay. We played with the little bro. We were apparently enjoying the pool so much that we didn't get to notice the time. We were in the pool for longer than planned. No regrets though!

The three of us then went back to the room for a quick shower. Thankfully, I had all our things packed the night before so everything would go as smoothly as possible for this day. We honestly didn’t want to leave this paradise. Wish we could have stayed longer.

But we still had a few more hours to explore what we could in the island before we go back to Cebu to face the bittersweet taste of real life.

On the way to Lake Danao Park

Our second stop for the day was Lake Danao. It was pretty far away from Santiago but luckily, Waze didn’t fail us this time.

By the entrance, we spotted some kids selling a Camotes Delicacy they call “Salvaro” (Cassava Chips with a sweet syrup on top). It tastes like Camote Cue only it was so thin, and really crispy. I loved it, so did my little brother! This was all new to me, but both the baby-ik and the little brother mentioned they had snacks like this in their elementary school canteen. Why didn’t we have this, though?

In memory of my pink cap who flew off of my head when we were heading to the port. You will be missed!

It slightly rained while we were in Lake Danao. Skies were still gloomy. Weather wasn’t being nice to us, apparently. But we still enjoyed the day. 

We rented out a small paddle boat and paddled around the lake. We also sat by the rocks and fed the fish in the lake. Saw a rare bird. There were snakes, too. You could take pictures of and with the animals. I felt bad for them, not sure why. I decided not to pay just for a photo. Although, overall, seeing my little brother smiling and laughing was candy to my eye.

All the while, I had my phone on Airplane mode to save battery. I hadn't noticed our contact's messages saying all trips back to Cebu were cancelled for the day due to the incoming storm, except for this one trip which is in another port -- an hour away from where we were staying. So, this was why the waves were too huge in Mangodlong!

I was panicking as I still have work the next day, the baby-ik remained calm though. We tried to go to the main port to see for ourselves, but waves were too big. The motorcycle owner led us to where the boat for the last trip would be. Once again bumped into my childhood friend there who managed to secure tickets for the trip. (Though they ended up selling their tickets for a much higher price because a lot of people desperately wanted to go home already.)

Luckily, Sir Alvin helped us find a room to stay for the night. We woke up rather early the next morning. At around 4am, we were already in the port. I fell in line to secure tickets for us three. It was chaotic, but we managed to smile through it all. I felt so sorry for my little brother, he seemed tired. But never did I hear any complaints from him.

This, my friends, is how our Camotes Escapade ended! Another birthday tragedy for the baby-ik! Although we were still thankful we got home safe and sound! Oh, and in time for werk!

How To Get There:

From the North Bus Terminal, we rode a van to Danao Port. You may also ride the bus. Not really sure of the prices as it varies depending on the day but more or less it won't cost you more than 200 Php per person. From Danao Port, we road a boat to Camotes Island. Travel time was about an hour. 

You  may also opt for another faster alternative but pricier than what we did. As of writing, fast crafts are available from Pier 1 and 2 to the island. There are also fast crafts available from Mactan Wharf to the island.

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