Photo Diary: Chasing Sunrise in Naga City Boardwalk

Thursday, August 30, 2018

June 24, 2018 — The baby-ik and I had spontaneously planned on checking out Naga City Boardwalk very early in the morning. I mean, ever since bloggers, and friends started raving about the place, I've always wanted to go visit and see its splendor for myself. 

But given the lack of time due to werk, and having quite a few difficulties on having our [by-ik and I] schedules meet halfway somehow, we couldn't really find the time. I know how petty this reason may seem to some, but really, sometimes, adulting has its own way of making easy peasy things complicated. 

Perfect timing, though! I was on my rest day, and so was the baby-ik. At around 3am, we decided we wanted to go and chase the sunrise. What perfect place would it be, other than the Naga City Boardwalk? 

Without hesitation, we jumped off the bed, took a quick bath and headed to the south! That's just how spontaneous it was! 

Not gonna lie, this was already the third time I got to visit the place. First time was when my high school classmate helped me snap out of it (maoy days, circa 2013), and helped me find my nice peace and quiet. 

The second time, I was with the baby-ik. We dropped by for a quick dinner after a day in Molave Milk Station, and Mantayupan Falls. (Yes, this is a shameless plug right here!) We got to stroll around the place, and devour some BBQ by the beach. You may not remember, but I did blog about that here.

I believe the boardwalk was still under construction during my second visit.

Third time was this...

The kid within me was beaming with excitement and joy when I first stepped on the boardwalk. Childish for some, but that very moment I was just so happy! Like I said, I've always wanted to visit the place. I required for the visit to either be during the sunrise OR sunset! No in betweens! Though I'm leaning more towards the sunrise... I had been here before and I know how magical it would be if we could just catch the sunrise! I had been very particular about that with the baby-ik. Just didn't want to spoil the tranquil moment, knowing that the place has already been known to a lot, and an influx of people will be expected during the "in between."

We walked around, until we reached the other end. Baby-ik spotted a few guys fishing by the rocks. He seemed to enjoy watching them reel the fishes in, so I let him be. 

I walked over to one of the bench facing the sea. There, I patiently waited for the sunrise. Later on, baby-ik sat down and waited with me. 

And then, there it was! The oh-so-beautiful Mr. Sunrise!

It was such a majestic sight to behold. The ombre... the hues of the sky had as the sun light slowly shone through the whispy clouds signifying a new day... was just mesmerizing!

One of the best sunrise I've witnessed so far. Though, I never really witnessed a sunrise I didn't like. Have you? Each and every sunrise I've witnessed has always been glorious! 

Enjoyed a cup of Taho!

This is definitely one of the most memorable ones though, because I was with the by-ik. 

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