Fowl Mood Diner + The Warehouse

Monday, November 6, 2017

I’ve been setting this blog aside for days now. I don’t know. I just couldn’t be bothered to blog about it just yet. I had also been busy with a few things, especially moving in a new place (just a room for rent though) to finally live independently, sadly though, away from my family.

Anyhow, enough with the blab.

Last October 20th, the baby-ik and I both had a our days off and we decided to have a mini late celebration for our anniversary. 

Fun fact: we initially planned on going to Tagaytay for our first anniversary but Baby-ik’s working schedule didn’t permit us to, and our budget was running low because unexpected things happened that we had to use up most of our savings. No worries though, there’s always a next time! :)

Going back… baby-ik wanted to try-out Burrow’s Unlimited Chiken Wings at the Parkmall. Perfect timing though, ‘cause I came across a Facebook post which also markets Unlimited Chicken Wings for 199 Php as with Burrow’s. However, this chiken wings place had more flavors compared to Burrows. Being the self-proclaimed foodies that we are, we were instantly lured to try it out. So, off to Fowl Mood Diner we went. It’s located just across Parkmall (details below). I like the name they chose for their food place! I feel like it’s meant for people with fowl food to lighten up their moods. Whatcha think?

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

I couldn’t exactly remember the order of our order (wut? haha!) But we attempted to try all the 17 flavors they offer. Unfortunately, however, some flavors were already out of stock. We ordered just 1 cup of rice for each of us, and mostly muched on the chicken wings because damn! Mas sulit diba kasi mas mahal ang manok sa kanin! Hahaha!

We got out seriously, seriously full and bloated!

Ugh! Thanks bby-ik for this photo of me looking so emotionless! 😅

I forced him to pose so I could snap a photo of him. 😂

We went to try out Parkmall’s Horror Booth afterwards. This year, they went by the theme “The WareHouse” and had a really nice marketing strategy. Although, the booth itself didn’t really scare me. I was just laughing all throughout the walk inside.

I had fun though!

Fowl Mood Diner

Ground Floor, Maroo Arcade,
Mantawi Avenue, Mandaue City
+63 942 453 8264

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