Fine, You Win This Argument!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hey guys!

I really do not have much to share these past few weeks. Nothing interesting has happened, aside from random pigging out with the baby-ik which we can’t be bothered to document because it’s becoming more like a routine already, and we didn't want to bore you guys. Although, I feel like this blog is overall a bore to you...

Anyhow, I have something saved on my Flickr account that I thought I could share with you guys. Idk, I just feel like some of you might be interested as this is a DIY gift, and I’d love to have something added up on our “Crafts" tab.

This is a gift I made for the baby-ik from... I believe our 3rd monthsary. Haha! I wrote him a letter out of a heart-shaped craft paper, which I made into a make-shift mini envelope for the monthsary coupons. I even added a vintage-y stamp I bought from WitchEngine, and used a calligraphy pen for the lines, and our names. These are coupons the baby-ik could use ONCE A DAY.

His favorite and the most abused coupons of all would be the "Fine You Win This Argument" coupon, and the Back scratch coupon. Sometimes, he'd use the Wildcard coupon as either of these two. 😂 😅

I have like a couple more ideas in mind as monthsary gifts, but sometimes I do not have the time and liberty to make it all happen, especially that we both have different working schedules. But as much as possible, I would really love to share the bits and pieces of the crafts I come up with. I hope you liked this as much as I enjoyed making this, though.

Disclaimer: This idea was inspired by a Pinterest post I randomly stumbled into.


  1. Awww, this is so cute! How long did it take you to make these?

    1. I actually barely had any sleep when I made this 'cause I got home pretty late the night before, and I had to work the following day. But it was fun making it. Maybe around 2 hours with trial and errors pa. Haha! My little brother helped me though. And I bought the materials a few days back pa so it was all planned. xD


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