Photo Diary: Moalboal Seaside Park

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I wanted to write a Travel Guide. But I don’t think I know how to. I’m always lost, and was never good with directions, what more a guide? So I’m gonna make this into a photo diary instead. Also, I'm blogging this for keepsake. :)

Those post-its are of honest reviews from customers. They were cute and some, hilarious.

This was out of the original itinerary I had for my 2-day birthday celebration. We were set to leave the wonderful municipality of Moalboal early in the morning on my birthday. Jhaye, our host who was the owner of J & C Food Haus, prepared a sumptuous breakfast for us. They baby-ik loved their fried rice and scrambled eggs. I second that. It was really good!

We had no one to ask to take our photo, so we just had it on timer and placed it by the grass. Haha!

We had to stop by the market to buy a few things needed for our main stop that day. That’s how we decided to quickly stop by the Moalboal Seaside Park since it was just across the public market.

We stayed there for just about half an hour, took a lot of photos, chit chatted for a bit and then left. I wish we had more time to relax and chill in this place. It’s a perfect dating spot for couples, and I bet sun set here would have been gorgeous. 

Unfortunately, however, we had to follow an itinerary and I didn’t want any delays because I had to report to work early the next day, and the baby-ik had to run an important errand for his ‘rents the following day as well. I was hoping we could head home a bit earlier that day to rest.

Anyhow, here are the photos we managed to take while we were in the park. I’ll let the photos speak for itself.

It’s been a wonderful experience having to visit the lovely municipality of Moalboal. There are far more things we could’ve done while we were there, but time was our rival.

Perhaps next time.

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  1. Ang witty ng domain name! Ang cute hehehe
    So sad that we weren't able to explore more of Moalboal when we went. Nag-island hopping lang kami pero it's still a good experience! We stayed at moalboal backpackers lodge that time. One of the best accommodations we had so far hehe
    Hope I could explore this side of Moalboal, kapag mas mahaba ang bakasyon sa Cebu hehe belated happy birthday to you as well! :)


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