Hunting For Shells in Badian’s Lambug Beach

Monday, September 11, 2017

It was already past 4pm when we got to Lambug Beach. We got a little lost on the way, thanks to Waze. *rolls eyes* (Don’t get me wrong though, I love Waze! Haha!) Initial plan was to head here right after swimming in Kawasan Falls. But we both felt a bit groggy afterwards, and we both were already running out of batteries so we decided to head back to our rented room in Moalboal to rest for a bit instead.

We had lunch in our room and took a quick nap. Swimming in the fresh waters of Kawasan literally exhausted us. Blame it on our unfit bodies. Meh~

Going back, I’ve seen photos on Facebook and Instagram about Lambug Beach, but it never really enticed me that much. I’ve also heard of the place from few of my friends, that’s how the place somehow stuck on me.

Just look at those dust-like sand though! Oh so fine!

That very afternoon, I decided I wanted to go sunset watching by this “beach resort”, good thing the baby-ik gladly obliged to my request. To be quite honest, I prepared some cash expecting to pay for entrance fees and cottages or maybe just tables. But to my surprise, I didn’t have to spend any amount for this wonderful unspoiled scenery! Nope, not even a dime! The long stretch of white pristine sands and the crystal clear waters — I never expected to experience all of these for FREE. If you have a tent, you can even camp and/or enjoy an overnight stay here with your friends without having to spend cash! I wish I had known that earlier. From where I live, back in Mactan, you'd have to pay hundreds to thousands to witness such a beauty... for just day use. WTH, right?

Please excuse me as I try to strike a pose... turned out to be an awkward one.

Look at those stunning rock formation! I loved the sound of the waves as it crashed on the rocks.

It was on low tide when we got there though, and I got a bit disappointed because I was hoping we could go for a quick swim. What’s more disappointing was that I didn’t get to see the sun set. It was really cloudy and gloomy that afternoon. But I opted to look at the brighter side and enjoyed the stunning view instead.

I wish I could share with you what I saw with my eyes... guess you'll have to see it for yourself instead. 😍

I walked barefoot on the white fine sands and took as much pictures as I could. I got to reach this part of the place, and this view greeted me. Aaah~ This looks a lot lot better and magical in person than in photos.

A few minutes after, I finally decided to walk back to where the baby-ik was seated while I appreciate the beauty that’s in front me. Along the way, I found these. I assume kids who visited Lambug Beach earlier may have played with these. I just snapped a quick photo and returned them back to a spot where it had water. I’m no starfish expert, I just hoped what I did was right.

Later on, the boyf suggested we go sea shell hunting, or “manginhas” in the Cebuano language. I strongly hesitated because I could clearly see algaes peeking just beneath the waters, and more algaes just by the shore. The baby-ik is well-aware of how I’m terrified by this, yet he insisted because he knew he’d enjoy making fun of me. 

Somehow, he managed to convince me though. Halfway through our shell hunting, I was just screaming my lungs out and I know people by the shore think I’m being pabebe but really, you will never understand the horror I’m feeling. In the end, I got to convince the boyf to give me a piggyback ride instead because I’ve seen various kinds of sea urchins, and it scared me even more. Also, I didn’t want to get stung. Judge me all you want, I won’t care. Just don't be hard on me on the comments section. Haha!

We spent the rest of the afternoon just hunting for shells, and exploring the waters while its on low tide. I was able to see colorful corals, which actually surprised me because I never expected to see them just a few meters away from the shore. I've also seen small fishes, colorful sea urchins, various shells, little Mr. Crabs, and clams! Lots of it! The baby-ik then told me that when clams live in a specific part of the sea, that means the waters surrounding that part are healthy. I'm not sure where he got this from but I believed him. Haha!

After a few minutes more of exploring, we felt the need to call it a day already, so we walked back to the shore, packed up our bags, and left.

Goodbye, Lambug Beach! It has been good! I will surely come back! :D

Getting There:

  1. You can ride a cab to South Bus Terminal, just beside E-mall.
  2. From there, take a bus going to Bato-Barili via Barili (not sure about the rates though but I believe around 100-150 Php or maybe cheaper.) I suggest you leave early as flocks of people gather at around noon time already. Earliest bus leaves between 2:00am to 5:00am
  3. Tell the driver to drop you off either at the town center orto Cebu International Golf and Resort (landmark). If you choose the latter, you will be dropped off at an alley.
  4. Either from the town center or from that alley, you may ride a motorcycle going to Lambug Beach.


  1. All I can say is ANG GANDAAAA!!! ♥ I haven't been to Cebu so once na makapunta ko, nako isasama ko to sa itinerary ko. :) Yung first photo, at first akala ko naka slippers ka! Haha anyway, I liked your Facebook page. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

    1. Right? It was really pretty in person. Although not that stunning when it's on low tide kasi kita yung algaes. I'd rather not see them 'cos it terrifies me. You should add Lambug Beach to your itinerary. Aside from the fact that you'll experience it for FREE, you'll def have a good time here with your friends. Btw, thanks for liking my facebook page Airish! <3

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