The Sun Sets where 10,000 Roses Bloom

Thursday, August 3, 2017

This post is long overdue. I've been meaning to blog about this but my mind just don't seem to function well in the morning. Nocturnal folks will surely understand. Anyhow, I will make this as short and simple as possible.

Been here a few months ago. We've been meaning to visit the place since it went viral on Facebook a few months back. We wanted to understand the hype.. so we finally did last April 26 to be exact. I just started working night shift during that time and my body clock hasn't accustomed itself to sleeping in the daylight just yet, so we randomly decided to visit the famous 10,000 Roses Cafe instead. But wait! Just so you know, they're not real roses! I bet you already know this, but whatever really. Haha! This place boasts 10,000 artificial LED Roses which lit up at night which is what makes the people drawn to its brilliant creativity and uniqueness.

How we got there:

We rode a tricycle en route from Gaisano Grandmall Basak, Lapu-lapu to Cordova, Cebu which costed us just 10 pesos each. We stopped over at a 7/11 store and from there, we rode a traysikad/pedicab going to the 10,00 Roses Cafe for around 30-40Php. I believe it was around 3-4 pm when we arrived. We paid 20Php each upon entrance. 

The sun was still about to set, and it was still burning hot. So we decided to wait under the shade of a tent until the sun's not that harsh anymore.

It wasn't that crowded at around 5pm yet so we took the opportunity to enjoy the place while we took pictures. Few minutes have passed and I was contemplating hard on whether to buy something from their cafe or not, since I've read from somewhere that there's really nothing special about their food (Emphasis on I've read from somewhere. I don't mean to badmouth them, just wanted to be blunt), but we were tired from all the walking and picture-taking, all we wanted was to just sit down and rest. Hence, we decided to buy 2 lattes and sat down while we enjoyed the sunset. 

We intentionally waited for night time to come as the essence of visiting the garden wouldn't be complete without witnessing these white LED roses light up in the dark. So when the sun finally set, and the roses began to light up, flocks of people gathered to take photos.

It's been months after this place went viral but man, the hype is still on. 

It got really crowded a few more hours after. More and more people came. So we decided to just head home.

Overall, I had a really good time chitchatting with the boyf while sunset watching. The 10,000 roses were admittedly beautiful both during day and night time. It's been a nice experience being here with my Baby-ik.


10,000 Roses Cafe

Day-as, Cordova, Cebu (beside Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Cordova)
Opening Hours: 10:30AM to 10:00 PM
Entrance Fee: 20 Php per person

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