Road Trip: Felixberto's ✗ Sirao ✗ Tops Busay

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Another long over due blogpost brought to you by yours truly. I’m gonna make this blog post just as quick and easy to read as possible. It was last July 30 when we decided to have a spontaneous road trip to Busay. Initial plan was to visit Sirao and Tops, and that’s it. But guess what? ... You guessed that right! ... Or did you? Haha! Please excuse my craziness.

We went a little overboard and ventured all the way to Balamban. I’ve been here once before with a friend. Certainly, my second time here makes it even sweeter and memorable especially that I am with my baby-ik.

It was his first long ride with our bby Sniper MX150, and he enjoyed every bit of it as much as I did.

Felixbertos Burgers and Hotdogs

We arrived at around 10 am at Felixberto’s Burgers for a quick stopover and also to try out their menu while enjoying the view. The sun was blazing hot but the air was breezing cold so I didn’t have any complaints, whasoever.

We spent just a little while there, and even had a petty argument about comfort room etiquette (HAHAHA) but for the most part, we had a great time.

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Campsite

We then headed to our supposed first stop — Sirao Flower Farm. The road is a bit steep and very narrow going to the flower farm. Entrance fee is for 50 Php per person and parking fee is 10 Php.

We took quite a lot of photos, when later on, we realized that we went to the wrong place. Epic fail…. NOT! It wasn’t a total failure as we still enjoyed the view and the flowers, and even spent more time there. After the petty argument at Felixberto's, we were all smiles in the Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

Tops, Busay

Dusk is almost nearing, so to our final stop we finally went — Tops, Busay! Embarrassing to say but I’ve never been here before. Bisdak but has never been to Busay?! What a shame, Alyssa! But I treasure this very moment especially that my first time in Tops was with someone I love so dearly. Watching the sun set with him was just so worthwhile. It started to get cold and to get dark. The city lights were starting to light up now, as well. Very romantic! And I loved it! šŸ’–

I was able to capture the city lights in bokeh with just my phone :D

We spent hours chitchatting here when the baby-ik finally decided to head home. It was starting to get chillier too, so I agreed.

We had dinner at my baby-ik’s house, he drove me home and then we called it a night! :)

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