Quick Stopover at The Molave Milk Station, Barili

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We came across the Molave Milk Station along Carcar-Barili Road on our way to Mantayupan Falls, but decided not to stop by just yet as the main plan was to relax and have a dip in the icy waters of Mantayupan falls first. No side trips were on our initial plan for that day. Just Mantayupan Falls and home.

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However, we got tired of swimming rather early at around 2pm, and still had a few hours to spare for a quick side trip to the Milk Station. Spontaneity prevailed time and time again for the baby-iks.

Anyhow, the place isn’t what I expected it to be — not meant in a bad way, though. I’ve heard about the place way back before, read blog posts about it, and saw photos of campers who stop by the station, but I never really realized it was this eye-pleasing in person as most photos I see are just of plain wooden benches and trees.

I’m not exactly sure, but I think they might have renovated some parts of the place and added more benches, tables and tents for the hungry and tired people bound for the southwest side of Cebu, who stop by the station. The touch of the colorful hanging umbrellas also adds up to the cool ambiance of the place. If I had it all correct, I must say that this new look is all worth the long travel time. They even have banana-shaped rocking chairs by the patio where you can just chill. The baby-ik napped for one solid hour while I edited photos on my phone beside him.

I would also highly recommend to stay at the upper deck of the patio as the view there is more stunning. I think I might have seen an Ostrich from the zoo at the back of the station!

They have various rice and non-rice meals on their menu, but their main specialties are the cow’s and goat’s fresh milk, as well as Gelatos made out of the — you guessed it right — fresh milk. We opted for 2 ice creams in a cup which costed us just 25 Php each. The baby-ik chose their Mango-flavoured ice cream, while I, of course, went for Buko Pandan! :D Both flavors have an aftertaste I really liked. Must be from the fresh cow’s milk. Although, if you’re feeling a bit more fancy, they also have special gelatos sold for I believe around 65-130 Php (Apologies for my poor memory)

On the way home, I bought one bottle of fresh cow’s milk for around 35-65 Php (I srsly forgot) but decided to save it for the next day. Haha! Also, just to highlight one of my favorite spots in the milk station — let me just say that their comfort rooms are the cutest and the tidiest public rest room I’ve been to so far! Kudos to the cleaning staff! :D

How to get there:

  1.  You may take a a cab or a PUJ to the South Bus Terminal
  2.  From there, you can ride a bus to Barili. I prefer riding Air-conditioned Ceres Bus Liner but it's up to your preference and convenience. Other buses are cheaper though. :D
  3.  Just tell the driver to drop you off at The Molave Milk Station and they will gladly oblige.

Molave Milk Station

Lazaro Abad Street, 6036 Barili, Cebu 
+63 943 647 2207


  1. The place looks super lovely and the setting is just perfect! Parang tree-top yung datingan, I like it!! ❤️ You mentioned tents though, is it like for overnight campers or just like a rest stop for campers?

    1. Sorry for the confusion, Niks. I meant the event tents hehe. Usually, it's just for a brief stopover to rest and chill. Glad nga they added more to the place nga eh, before it looked so plain but still very calming kasi daming puno

  2. I've always wanted to stop by and see it for myself. I should definitely take a sidetrack in my next visit to the south x


    1. I suggest you do that after a long day of travel, Cae... possibly on your way home to the city. It's a place I would recommend for you to rest after the long drive. :) Enjoy! xx


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