Naga Baywalk Food Arcade: Of Beach Waves, Sunsets, and BBQ Dinner Dates

Friday, August 25, 2017

What could be more perfect than a calming dusk by the beach while watching the sun set with the love of your life?

It was a long tiring day after our Mantayupan Falls adventure. The quick rest by the Molave Milk Station didn’t really seem to kick in. We lowkey just ran out of energy and were starving as hell! Seriously, all we ever wanted to do was eat and head to bed. 

When we were nearing the city, I took my phone out and tried to look for the nearest food place I could find. And then I remembered one of my friend's Facebook post about a Food stop by the Naga Baywalk. I immediately browsed through her photos (Hi Jessa! Hehe) and found it! Haaaaaa~

We immediately headed to the place to satisfy our grumbling tummies. There, we found out that the place isn’t just a mere food stop. It’s a Baywalk Food Arcade by the beach! Interesting!

There were a lot of food stalls, with various meals and dishes to offer. There were vendors who sold balloons, toys, and random whatnots around the area. We even bought chocolates from a foreigner who peddled around. Kids were running and playing and laughing. A few were jogging. And of course, most were couples enjoying each other’s company.

I enjoyed the beach waves more than anything though. We spent a couple more minutes sitting by the beach, watching the skies change colors to a darker hue before we decided to munch on some barbecues. The scenery at night was a fantastic view as well! Although I didn't bother to take any photos anymore. I was just tired and hungry, that's all.

I initially wanted to eat Tuslob Buwa, but the baby-ik was persistent on having to try out their BBQ so I gladly obliged. It was indeed another stopover really worth it. The food was really good and affordable! We spent roughly around 200 Php for dinner. 

Upon arriving home, we were dead tired and immediately got knocked out. Haha! We definitely felt at peace with nature this day.

Naga Baywalk Food Arcade

Cebu South Road, Naga City

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