Chasing Waterfalls: Barili's Mantayupan Falls

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Initially, we planned on having a day trip to the very popular Kawasan Falls in Badian, but we woke up rather late that day (August 5), so we opted for an alternative. The baby-ik decided for Mantayupan Falls which is located in Barangay, Campangga, Barili — Just a few hours away from the city.

We had quite a few stopovers since we weren’t at all prepared. Gasoline was running low, we had no food or baon prepared for our trip, and we haven’t packed everything the night before. It was chaos!

But spontaneity prevailed and we still decided to go.

We arrived there at around 9am. You can clearly hear the falls from the entrance which made us both excited. Upon entering, we were asked for a 40 Php Entrance Fee. Locals say it used to be just 20 Php but after they opened the newly-built hanging bridge to the public, entrance fees increased.

Mantayupan falls has 2 levels. The first falls you see from the entrance is about 14 meters high. Above the first falls is the newly-built hanging bridge which they just recently opened on the day we decided to visit. We were basically the first to cross the bridge. Exciting!

Getting accustomed to the hanging bridge.

The bridge seem pretty strong however being the scaredy cat that I am, the height scared me, so I felt hesitant to cross it. But there’s no other way to the second falls but the bridge so I forced myself to walk. It was swaying because the fat-butt baby-ik was walking a few meters ahead of me. So I held my grip tighter to the rope and luckily survived! Haha!

The second falls was 98 meters high. It was a scene worth risking (the walk through the hanging bridge.) Just about 3-5 mins from the first falls. 

We decided to rent a table for 150 Php and prepared to have our lunch that we bought from Carcar Market -- Lechon Manok and Puso (hanging rice) before we dip in the water.

The milky bluish green water was very cold, and I had been having chills. I spent several minutes just sitting by the bamboo raft while the baby-ik dove and swam. I don’t know how to swim so we decided to rent a life vest for 20 Php. Embarrasing!

A few minutes later, the baby-ik has already been itching to swim nearer the falls, so we finally rented out the bamboo raft for 100 Php per hour. The baby-ik kept on insisting we go below the waterfalls but the mere thought scared me and countless what ifs invaded my mind.

A local then offered to help us through the falls so we can experience the waterfall massage FOR FREE. Normally, this would cost 150 Php for a " raft driver" as they call it. Anyhow, off we went with the ropes as our guide which are just beneath the water. It was pretty scary because as we were nearing the drops of the falls, it felt like there was a very, very strong typhoon. But it was all worth it in the end. The baby-ik obviously enjoyed it and I never expected to love it as much as he did!

A few more hours of swimming and we decided to call it a day. Although, we had a quick side trip to the Molave Milk Station before heading home, which I will have in a different blog post.

How to get there:

We got there by motorcycle but I still want to share with you how you can get there by bus.

  1. You can ride a cab to South Bus Terminal, just beside E-mall.
  2. From there, take a bus going to Bato-Barili via Barili (not sure about the rates though but I believe around 100-150 Php or maybe cheaper.) I suggest you leave early as flocks of people gather at around noon time already. Earliest bus leaves between 2:00am to 5:00am
  3. From the Barili stopover -- Shamrock Bus Station, you can take a habal-habal to Mantayupan falls.


  1. Bookmarked! This needs to be our next stop :) I hope di ra kayo mahal ang habal habal kay mao jud na amo ma gastoan permi. From Barili stop over lyss to the falls, mga pila ka minutes? Anyways, I enjoyed reading this. Gugma oy <3

    Lou |

    1. Ah! Thanks for bookmarking Lou! And sa positive comments haha. <3 About 8-12mins ra Lou. I think I read from somewhere na around 30-50 Php lang ang fare sa habal-habal. Not sure if ni-increase :D

  2. I'm going to make sure that I come see this place whenever I'm in Cebu. It's quite an alternative to Kawasan falls. Although, the rope totally ruins the photo!! Hahaha. What was the rope for again?

    1. Right?! Unlike in Kawasan, the ropes aren't just beneath the waters in Mantayupan Falls kasi. They're hanging for about a half meter above the waters. It's used as a guide towards the falls when you're on the bamboo raft. :D


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