The Baby-ik Celebrates 10 Months of Love

Friday, August 18, 2017

We welcomed our 10th month together with yet again another petty argument I ought not to tell. I barely had sleep that night because like mentioned in this blogpost, I try not to sleep arguments through. So we tried to settle things all night long. Another bump in the road.

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Fast forward to the morning of 17th August. We were doing great. Hugs and kisses everywhere. He even drove me to work. We exchanged sweet and funny messages all throughout the day when he decided not to reply anymore. I was pretty pissed off because we had plans that day but I could not get a hold of him for hours!

I went out of the office looking so grumpy, when after a few minutes, he arrived on his motorcycle with a big plastic bag somewhere between his legs. I had no idea what it was, and I wasn't expecting anything from him considering that he's not the surprises and pakilig type of guy.

When I finally saw it, my eyes glistened and all hints of grumpiness left my face. I swear I looked like a retard. I just kept on smiling. Haha!

I remember him telling me that carrying bulky bouquet of flowers in public embarrassed him, but look at him now! Haha! I was really surprised! This is the first time I've ever received a bouquet of roses and I'm still feeling giddy while typing this. To top it all off, he bought me my favorite Southside Cajun Wings and we had an intimate dinner at their house.

By far, this has got to be the best thing he did for me. I never imagined him to be this thoughtful since I've always reminded myself that our relationship's not like the movies, and that I am not a princess for him to spoil. 🐷

Nonetheless, I loved the flowers. I appreciate his efforts so much! 💖

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