Unexpected Moments are always sweeter

Monday, July 17, 2017

First and foremost, happy 9th Monthsary baby-ik! I know it sounds hella cheesy but like I said, I'm a hopeless romantic and I enjoy stuff like this.

I was supposed to start writing about our Bantayan Escapade Day 2 but I thought why not post about this moment and memory right here real quick just for keepsake. For months, my guy has never shown me any signs of his sweet and romantic side. He's not into the mushy stuff like this and admits that he has not even the slightest idea of how 'surprises' work. But look at him now! My baby is no longer a baby! He's grown into a very fine man! Kidding aside, he's learned how to make me feel all giddy with all the butterflies in my tummy, because he's finally come to his senses that I am worthy of these things!

Nah! Just kidding!

With or without these, I'm certain of the fact that he loves me and that I love him. Admittedly, however, I do enjoy these sorts of things. Silly as it may sound, it adds up to my feeling secured in the relationship because my partner really does exert efforts. Surprises and well-thought-of efforts are my thing, but that doesn't mean that if he doesn't do these kind of things, he loves me less. Right baby?

Infrequent efforts like this are very much appreciated. As a matter of fact, unexpected moments are always sweeter. This day, I felt like Rapunzel. Haba ng hair. :D


  1. Mej nainggit ako. LOL. He sounds like a keeper.

    1. He is a keeper! <3 Thanks for dropping by Ayeesha! :)


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