Teaming Up with a Realist

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Look at the typical me starting a new blog all over again. If you know me, you'd know how I've been on and off the blogging world since 2009, and you'd probably also know how I've never been consistent in keeping a blog long enough like how I usually vow to do in every first blog entry I post.. Guess that's just how I roll?!

Not. Cool. Alyssa!

Now another blog has just been set up. This time, however, I'm not alone. My boyfriend (aka baby-ik) and I have decided to set up a blog so we could document our moments, travels, adventures, and pigging out together in one place where we can look back whenever we'd want to. Document memories how good or bad it may be. Hence, the tagline "The Baby-ik Diaries". Although I know I will mostly be writing most of the write-ups in this blog since I am more of the rambling type, being the woman that I am, compared to my guy. Certainly, however, from time to time he will be posting his entries on here as well.

If anyone's ever noticed, this blog marks another platform switch from WordPress to Blogger. In all honesty, I would mostly prefer to blog on WP, but I don't think I have the time, the liberty and the money to manage a blog hosted on WP knowing that I won't be able to keep up with it, especially that I'm working a full-time job now. What more pay for it? I believe this new platform will be more practical for now.

On another note, here's a little something about us:

A little TMI but whatever, really. We had a really rough start with all the people blaming and judging us for the wrong decisions we've made. But apparently, this has made us even more stronger as individuals and as a couple. We've already done our part, apologized to the people we owe it to, and just forgave and forgot.

However, we do have quite a lot of differences, as well -- I'm an idealist, while he's more of a realist. We've had a couple misunderstandings but we always end up agreeing to meet halfway because making things work is more important than our own egos. Somehow, he's managed to adjust to my hopeless romanticism, He's learned to keep-up with my whining and being a crybaby as well, and I've managed to keep up with his own perspectives in life (he can be cynical at times. pssh!). We both learn new things from each other. 

We both want to venture out of our comfort zones but at the same time, we're both afraid of the changes and the challenges we will have to face along the way. But together, we want to overcome all our fears and as much as possible, just be as candid about our experiences.

We've agreed to be the never-ending calm in both our chaos, hence the blog title. We might not know where we are headed to because like what most people say, "walang forever" but we always remind ourselves that forever consists of the "nows" and so we'd be happy to focus just on our "nows".

This blog was created to serve as a documentary of our life together as a couple. For keepsake. This is a place for story.


  1. Aweeeeee, this is so cute baby. This is the beginning, our road to forever. <3

  2. Ayeeeee. Ka cute ninyo, Lyss oi! Happy baya jud ko ay nga naa nakay lovelife! Haha. Magkita nya ta balik! :(

    1. Kita lagi niya ta balik :( Busy man kas events, Ella. Hahaha. Nindot na kaayo ang Wanderingella ay makaproud <3


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