Salty But Sweet Bantayan: Camp Sawi - Day 2

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We got up really early just so we could tick one list off our bucketlist. That is to watch the sunrise by the beach. Kota Beach was the perfect destination for it.

We literally just sat on the sand and talked for a while.

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We headed back at round 7 am and enjoyed the free breakfast that came with our reservation.  Spam + Corned beef + Sunny Side Ups + Scallops for breakfast. Glorious indeed!

After breakfast, we went back to Kota Beach and spent the rest of the day swimming at the edge of the sandbar. The waves were big and for someone who doesn't know how to swim, it scared me just a bit. The waves even washed away one pair of my slipper which I left by the sand. Luckily, my boyfriend knew how to swim amidst the waves and got it back. I was literally freaking out because I'm such a scaredy cat, nonetheless, the boyf enjoyed it.

I seriously don't regret any of the spontaneity of this trip. By far the best trip I have had this year! Nothing would absolutely replace the feeling and experience I have had in the beautiful Island of Bantayan!

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How to get there

To Bantayan Island: From the North Bus Terminal, we rode a bus to Hagnaya Port which costed us more or less 150 PHP each. From Hagnaya Port, we rode a ferry to Bantayan Island which costed us more or less 150 PHP each. Some says fare varies depending on the day but I'm not sure about this.

To The Virgin Island: You will have to take another boat for you to get to the island. It would cost around 700PHP-1500PHP. I suggest you travel in groups as you would save a lot more.

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