No Relationship is All Sunshine

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Love is not IF or BECAUSE. Love is ANYWAY and EVENTHOUGH.
Like most couples, of course we fight, too. No matter how happy we appear to be on the outside, there will always be misunderstandings and arguments behind the smiles and giggles.

This will sound really silly but I just want to point out a fact -- our relationship will never be perfect. We have our differences, our own points of view and we sometimes don't agree with a lot of things. But, at the end of the day, we always manage to sort it out. I make it a habit not to go to bed feeling upset. I try to make him understand that we can't just sleep it off because he thinks it's absurd, or I think it's nonesense. 

Although, I know that not all problems should be sorted out right then and there. There are times when we try to give each other space too. Most of the time, it's always me who gives in though. No matter whose fault it was, I tend to apologize first, not because of the issue but because of the situation we're in. It's like, "I'm sorry we're fighting right now", or "I'm sorry we're in such a situation."

Shortly thereafter, he will do the same and then we'll be doing okay. I mean, I don't really want to start off with the blame game since it will only make things worse. Afterall, we're not in a relationship to compete with each other, right? Although, it would be so hypocrite of me if I'd tell you we never threw accusations at each other, because that's freakin' normal when angry. I just think that maybe, at times, it's just a matter of self control on how we manage our anger.

Let me share with you a few tricks I do when we do argue:

I drink a glass of water and change my clothes so I would feel replenished. I always ask him to do the same as well. This might not sound convincing but trust me, it lightens up the mood and changes a lot of things when you find yourself stuck in the situation. There's power in this trick!

Other times, we'd go to places we think would help us calm down and soothe our minds. Usually, we do this around dusk, or when the sun's about to set. Helps both of us in composing ourselves, immensely! The one in the photo above is one of the many places we would usually go to when we just had an argument or when in an argument. In here, we try to settle things as calmly as possible.

I'm no relationship expert, I'm just merely sharing how we're keeping things going despite the fact that we're two different people with different perspectives in life. Yes, we don't agree most of the time, but we both compromise and think things through; that at the end of the day, our differences don't even matter anymore because our relationship is more important than that.
No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.


  1. True! I love this write up ;) kudos dear!


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