My Head Says Gym, But My Heart Says Southside Chicken Wings!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A food place straight from someone's garage. Wow! What better way to start a smokin' chicken wings business!

Spell B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T !

My boyfriend and I love chicken wings! I mean who doesn't, right? Normally, we'd go to Gibbs to satisfy our cravings but after finding out about this Chicken Wings Heaven, I have sorted out my options and am now very firm about my chicken wings preference. The melodramatic part of me screams that Southside Chicken Wings' are the bombest of bombs chicken wings I have tasted so far, especially that they're cooked home-style!

Cajun Glazed Wings - 129 PHP

Spicy Pork Sisig - 79 PHP

Our personal favorites are the Cajun Glazed Wings and their Spicy Pork Sisig which we would pair with a pitcher of Iced Tea (60php) along with a platter of Ilonggo-Style Fried Rice (129 PHP). And yes! That's just for the 2 of us.

Mojos - 75 PHP

Sometimes, we would order their mojos/fries for 75php. Flavors vary from Plain and salted with ranch dip, to BBQ and of course, my favorite, Sour Cream.

Their price ranges from 79 PHP to 298 PHP. Trust me, prices are very affordable, and worth it!

Boyf's bum looks fatter than ever, thanks to Southside Chicken Wings 😂

I've never heard of this place before until my workmates brought me here one day. By far, it has been one of the best food places I have discovered this year! Although it's a bit difficult to locate since it's situated in quite a tranquil place in Apas, Banilad. You will have to look for it a bit more harder. But I will be more than willing to share our secret hideout with you guys (the greedy side of me doesn't want to but really, this place deserves some spotlight on the internet!) So, just to make it easier for you, it's in #8 Humabon Street, San Antonio Village -- Landmark would be Montebello Villa Hotel. *wink*

I sound like a high-paid endorser but whatever cause I'm not. I just srsly love everything on their menu. I won't be surprised if one of these days, this place suddenly experiences a social media explosion like BOOM! I would hate for this place to be crowded since it's one of the baby-ik's best food hangout place ever. But like I said, their chicken wings are bomb, and it would be thoughtless of me not to share since a lot has already been asking on my personal Facebook account after uploading a bunch of mouthwatering photos! You should try it out to see and taste for yourself!

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Southside Chicken Wings

#8 Humabon Street, San Antonio Village, Apas, Cebu City
Open from Mondays - Saturdays
10:30AM - 10:30 PM
For inquiries and deliveries, contact:
+63 933 026 3132
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  1. Waaaaah muari nya mi bi! Pila kabuok ilang isa ka serving sa chicken wings?

    1. Hala karon pako kita ani nga comment. Haha. Sorry, sorry Ella. Wala baya ko nag ihap Ella pero good for 2 ang usa ka serving. Usahay pud kay masobra pa gani. Lami jud baya ay.

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